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​​Summit Spec Data

SUMMIT (#56076-4) SPECS

Length:­22.17 inches (563 mm)

Front Track:­18.48 inches (470 mm)

Rear Track:­18.58 inches (472 mm)

Center Ground Clearance:­4.76 inches (121 mm)

Weight:­175.66 ounces (4.98 kg) (w/o batteries)

Height (overall):­12.6 inches (320 mm)

Wheelbase:­14.84 inches (377 mm)

Front Shock Length:­87 mm

Rear Shock Length:­87 mm

Front Tires (pre-glued):­Canyon AT™ (7.1" x 3.8")

Rear Tires (pre-glued):­Canyon AT™ (7.1" x 3.8")

Front Wheels:­3.8" Geode™ (chrome)

Rear Wheels:­3.8" Geode™ (chrome)

Speed Control Type:­EVX-2 with Low Voltage Detection

Motor (electric):­Titan® 775, High-Torque
fan cooled (10-turn)

Transmission:­High-low two-speed

Overall Drive Ratio:­Stock, out-of-box:
25.34 (high gear)
70.18 (low gear)

Differential Type:­Bevel gear, sealed, limited slip

Gear Pitch:­32-pitch

Chassis Structure/Material:­Molded composite Nylon tub

Brake Type:­Electronic

Drive System:­Shaft-driven 4WD


Radio System:­TQi™ 2.4GHz (4-channel)

Skill Level:

Required Batteries­4 "AA" (transmitter)
NiMH (x2) or 2-cell LiPo (x 2)


Input voltage:­6-14 cells (7.2 to 16.8 volts)
4-cells (Two 2-cell) LiPo (14.8 volts)

Case Size:­58mm x 51 mm x 27 mm

Weight:­3.6 ounces

Motor Limit (540 size):­10-turns

Motor Limit (550 size):­12-turns

Reverse Delay:­None

BEC Voltage:­6.0 volts DC

BEC Current:­2.5 amps

Power Wire:­14 Gauge / 76 mm

Input Harness Wire:­26 Gauge / 240 mm

Motor Wires:­14 gauge / 101 mm

Thermal Protection:­Thermal shutdown

Low Voltage Detection:­2-Stage indicators, switchable (on and off)

Profile selection:­

Sport Mode:
100% fwd, 100% brakes, 100% rev

Race Mode:
100% fwd, 100% brakes, no rev.

Training Mode*:
50% fwd, 100% brakes, 50% rev.

Single-button setup:­Yes, Traxxas EZ-Set®

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